Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2nd Draft

Lifes a stage, and my names in lights
I'm hittin dames, spittin flames, and digging graves alright
rippin the mic
a lyrical sage castin hexes all night
blastin on your solar plexus
for being ass backwards like Alabama, Arizona or Texas
gettin burned trying to figure out how deep my depth is
so learn my minds the molten core of the earth
thats why I spit flames hotter than heck is
for what its worth
so give dapper to the new nexus
and warn rappers my crews reckless
so check this
we'll beat you with your chain and choke you with your necklace
while the press is taking pictures and posting em on flickr
It dont matter, I shatter they notions
dealin out potions to poison the the oceans like British Petroleum
stealin ashy Larry's lotion and squirting it on linoleum
they slippin and they slidin see I stay causing commotion
and they cant catch me
cus all day I stay coming and going out reality
aint no fallacy
I'm just sad they impressed by who got the best salary
thats why they pack glocks at the crack spots
sellin white rocks out they black socks
cus career oppurtunities dont never knock
I wont never sell out, I wont ever stop
till I'm popped in my top by a gangster or cop.

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