Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Lyriqs video

New Video from the dopest emcee out of New Orleans since Jay Electronica (go check his blog ) with a download link in Mp4 so you can put it on your Ipod and watch it on a bus or train, in a car on a plane. Real Hip Hop for your ears and eyes.


His latest mixtape

Monday, June 7, 2010

The most unforgettable unforgivable
I'm unkillable, unfuckwithable
C2 stay killing you by blowing up like missiles do
triggered by me speaking syllables
figured I'd be thinking spiritual
my flow is oh so visceral
so know don't take it literal
my 16's are press releases I aint messing with no interviews
I forsake what aint lyrical
and toss it off the spherical
cough up a miracle
sneezing out prayer beads
a wheezing snout, breathing shout, doesn't matter what the snare needs
wasn't their chatter that scared me
smack rappers like dykes fight, I drink up their dairy
barely even online
Mary Stevens cons time
I take beats off the street perform rape until they're all mine
so dark I block the suns shine
create shadows when I fire arrows
one time for your dumb mind
my minds on the drum lime
and I creep up slow like oil heading towards your coast
put you in a toaster like toast
don't even need strong punchlines to destroy you
and keep on Boy Georgin you
pilfer PETA's past for shock tactics
the intergalactic ecstatic illmatic
immaculate conceptions will shock you like static
and I'm back at it
Cool Confusion causing chaos and contusion
only thing I'm sure of is that I'm winning and you losing

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

2nd Draft

Lifes a stage, and my names in lights
I'm hittin dames, spittin flames, and digging graves alright
rippin the mic
a lyrical sage castin hexes all night
blastin on your solar plexus
for being ass backwards like Alabama, Arizona or Texas
gettin burned trying to figure out how deep my depth is
so learn my minds the molten core of the earth
thats why I spit flames hotter than heck is
for what its worth
so give dapper to the new nexus
and warn rappers my crews reckless
so check this
we'll beat you with your chain and choke you with your necklace
while the press is taking pictures and posting em on flickr
It dont matter, I shatter they notions
dealin out potions to poison the the oceans like British Petroleum
stealin ashy Larry's lotion and squirting it on linoleum
they slippin and they slidin see I stay causing commotion
and they cant catch me
cus all day I stay coming and going out reality
aint no fallacy
I'm just sad they impressed by who got the best salary
thats why they pack glocks at the crack spots
sellin white rocks out they black socks
cus career oppurtunities dont never knock
I wont never sell out, I wont ever stop
till I'm popped in my top by a gangster or cop.