Friday, December 25, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Empire State of Mind pt.3?


"Shoppin' mall is close, my community is gated/ My shorties are all private-school educated/ Home theater system, 60-inch plasma/ Clean suburban air, much better for my asthma/ Still hit the city, Times Square, keep it real/ Hard Rock Cafe for the appetizer deal/ M&M Store, Disney Store, I'm in heaven/ I own this town from 41st to 47/ Take you to 'The Lion King,' that show is fantastic/ Leave half an hour early so I can beat the traffic/ I can get home really fast, driver rocks an E-Z Pass/ Land of cheaper gas and the upper middle class."

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dropped Out

Dropped out from the Plane
veered off of the lane
Dropped out of my school
tossed into some rain
and into some pain
Dropped into some crime
and into some time
than I went kinda mental
Dropped out of the physical
with help from a bed sheet
down into the spirit world
fell into the big sleep

Subconsciously inspired by The Message.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

"I Guess Thats it"

I'm feeling downer than I ever had

trying so hard to stay grounded

why was it so damn hard

only later I found I was underground

pushing myself down deeper and deeper

sometimes shit happens

and unrequited love sucks

it really sucks balls

I guess I got to rise above it

but I can't forget

that feeling in the pit of my stomach

feelings like that are so hard to stomach

Feel like the Bee Gees trying to stay alive

how longs it been now 4 years 5?

And I'm 18 now an adult

so why do I feel like such a dolt

I'm not depressed or wasn't before

but theres a sadness growing more and more

but it makes me feel so alive this vibe

that I get, heaven sent, but the devil got to it

while it was coming down

I guess he's awful happy now

I can't take it much longer

this poem that is

so much for that.