Saturday, March 13, 2010

the devils in the dealer, the poltergiest is in the pokerchips,
Game changer, I practice Iron Swan Song, Tiger Palm & Cobra Fist,
Go by many slang name's and sobriquets,
Asking me how many lines is in my mind is like asking how many fish can the ocean fit,
I set out to do the impossible like an open fist,
Achieve the unbelievable like throwing Open Pit,
The last line refers to flying saucers,
A rhyming Chaucer who came from District 9 but now he's flying over it,
Battle Jay Elect? Who has the foolhardy audacity to utter this?
I look at him like a high minded brother from another and when we finally encounter with dual flows overdosed on over-the-counter's its gone be like Mulder meets the Mothership,
Friend Of The People, Fuck the government...

Lupe Fiasco
I was just reading this over again for the 50th time and even though it hurts me to do this...... Lupe >>>>>>>> Nas

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