Sunday, May 23, 2010

need to get that ending right

On the mic I'm an animated maniac
zany to the max, and I'm always spittin crazy facts
they hittin play me back
I'm flippin like some flaming bats
that came for domination like a stupid and a brainy rat
who knew insane was back
you lame like John McCain in Slacks
the song remains the same which means you just a lazy copycat
I leave emcees in bodybags, cus I hit em up with baseball bats with spikes in em
beating on they body's in a nyabinghi riddim
no kiddin
I n I chanting down the shitstem while you stuck in mental prison
and I'm serious, call me delirious
you couldn't come near my lyrics if you masturbated on this track
to be exact you extra wack
as a matter a fact my bars are like smashin atoms
or taking a microscopic pickax and crackin em
to see through the illusions like all that glitters aint gold well I'm platinum
wack rappers I'm smackin and verbally slappin em
aint in the business of smiling and flatterin
shaking hands and then saying fuck you all under my breath
I don't need to compromise with you I'm already best

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