Friday, October 16, 2009

I need an idea.

I need to find an idea

I want to go catch an idea

give me a gun I'll go out and hunt an idea

kidnap an idea from its bed

save an idea when you leave it for dead

go to an idea store, and whats more

if I don't have  the money I'll steal an idea

I see you with your only half formed ideas

those half baked no real  shape and dead end ideas

I'll  go idea mining no steam shovel no drill 

I'll use a Dig Dug idea John Henry idea an old bearded miner idea with a pickax named Bill

I'll think up a rocket idea and blast off into space

collect some ideas from an alien  race

what a waste all these week kneed repeat

sloppily copied wacked emcee ideas

all these people sitting around no ideas of their own

the only ideas they get is from a  TV or phone

sitting at home just wasting away

no ideas to live no ideas to play                                                                                                                            

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